Business Analytics

Ensuring Insights Shape The Power Of Decisions

Data – Demystifying Decisions

A Robust Foundation Of Business Intelligence Support

Enterprise data, both structured and unstructured, play a pivotal role in their Digital Transformation success. Businesses leverage the power of AI-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics to orchestrate and manage their hyper-distributed data, to efficiently discover, predict, and drive insights for definitive decisions.

The outcomes are diverse – from better customer knowledge to improved service experience, real-time intelligence for streamlining workflows, and many more.

The Tekdeliver Role

Advisory For Enterprises To Protect What Matters

Our consultants ensure you have the optimum returns from your security investments, with services and support teams for faster detections, incident response, and remediations. Be it in large enterprises or startups, we have been consulting on cybersecurity for a decade now. After thousands of hours and in-depth experience in intrusions and defensive measures, we have an elite team of consultants who can help you decide the best.

Business Analytics Advisory

  • Assessing the enterprise data landscape to empower stakeholders with a panoramic view of the same
  • Identifying the roadmap for implementing BI solutions for effective data orchestration and harmonization
  • Advisory role for the processes that ensure data quality and integrity
    Guide BI solution implementation and user-adoption

BI Implementation Steps

  • Requirement engineering to manage and actualize integration of suitable BI solution
  • Identify KPI in implementation, define implementation roadblocks and strategize a plan to mitigate the same
  • Establish milestones, roles, and responsibilities in the implementation plan
    Deliver the necessary prerequisites to configure the preferred BI solution

Value-Add Service

  • Engage directly with our experts – data scientists, design engineers, and data analysts to streamline data to decisions journey
  • Align strategies to sync with the generation of business intelligence, with our expert support
  • Assessment by our expert team to determine client readiness concerning compliance, data-management infrastructure, etc.

Support Services

  • Support for streamlined life-cycle management of BI solutions
  • Development and troubleshooting needs for adding databases or new report generations
  • Admin support such as scheduling updates, access management, new user additions, etc.

Benefits On The BI Route

A Robust Foundation Of Business Intelligence Support

  • Helping identify customer interaction and buying behavior for consumer goods manufacturers and e-commerce portals.
  • Helping in advanced fraud detection in the insurance sector by analyzing claims data and customer behavior patterns.
  • Easing the generation of decisive insights across various functions like Material Planning, Sales, Demand Planning, etc.

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